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Mara Row, Spanish singer
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Mara began her musical career when she was only 14 years old in Soria, her city in Spain, singing with various chorus in her town.


At 17 years old, she started her professional career and moved to Madrid to study graphic design, and created, as part of her final project, an accessories brand that bears her artistic name “Mara Row”. 


In 2012, she met with “The Blu-Tones”, a band of blues led by the American guitarist JD Seem.  Thanks to the musical alchemy that was created between the band and Mara, and which helped to welcome her as a new singer and began the collaboration with the band regularly in their concerts. 


After the departure of JD, Mara took charge of “The Blu-Tones”' in May 2012, renamed it ‘Mara & The Blue Storm”, and presented a new band in Moby Dick of Madrid.


In October 2012, the program of Radio Nacional de España “No es un dia cualquiera”  relayed a live show of the band in the whole of Spain. All these inspire Mara to start, in parallel, a new musical project, and recorded her own songs.

and after several months of hard work, the project comes to light in late April 2013.


After the release of the band’s first album, Mara moved to America where she lived for a year and a half in Riviera Maya and Mexico City, and where she also made important contacts.


In June 2014 she recorded with Mexican musicians one of her themes recorded in SAE Mexico, and her first video clip called “El Parque”.


This collaboration was arranged by Swedborg Morales and reunited Mara with: Paco García as pianist and saxophonist, Jaime Granados as guitarist and bassist, and with the participation of Marvin Carrera and Carlos Alanis.


In August 2014 she went on a tour to Morocco to work with the Cuban musician Amilcar Suarez, established in Casablanca, for a Latin jazz project.


After many travels and experiences, Mara returned to Spain and settled in Soria to develop a new project with musicians from Soria, and togueter they recorded the new material in studies Neo Music Box in 2016.

We invite you to discover the sweeter side of Mara Row: Her voice


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